Let’s Plan Your Space, Conceptualize and Collaborate.

When you hear “Interior Design,” do you immediately think about flooring, furniture and other finishing touches? If so, you’re about 10% of the way there.
At Ground Level Design, we excel at space planning – how it flows, how it functions and how it feels. We’ll design a clutter-free floor plan that maximizes your space, explore opportunities for innovative custom solutions and even create a reflected ceiling plan that provides, warm, textured lighting in every room. And that’s just the beginning.


  • We create concepts - Our concept is the compass that guides the design of your space. Based on that concept, we’ll spare you thousands of overwhelming decisions and present you with only the best options for achieving your objectives and showcasing your unique style. And if the ideal solution doesn’t exist, we’ll create that too.
  • Home design - If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. With advanced training in building construction – including building code regulations and engineering requirements – we can design complete houses and outbuildings from site plan to permit.
  • We collaborate - Not just with you, but also with the many skilled tradespeople who will have a hand in creating your space. Whether you need a contractor, millworker, structural engineer or something completely different, you’ll always benefit from our close ties with professionals you can trust.
  • Big, small - We do it all. We’ve taken projects from bare land and a vision all the way through to building permit application, construction and move-in. We’ve also been consulted on design aesthetics for projects as small as a simple bathroom renovation. Whether you just need some finishing touches or you’re not even sure where to start, we can help you create your beautiful space
  • We listen - You count on us to provide our expertise and guidance – not inject our own tastes or style into your space. When it comes to the final say, yours is the opinion that matters most. We’d like to start listening now. Contact us today.